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Sunday, January 9, 2022 @ 7pm est

When the people around me are being :
"We're getting back to normal! Nothing to see here folks!"
It gets really lonely.

You Are Not Alone
Dear brother or sister,

You have no doubt experienced the sudden shift occurring in our world in such a short period of time. And while it may seem thing don't make sense, I can assure you that what we are experiencing is both predictable and extraordinary. 

As stress rises and confusion reigns, so it will be for many.  In many years of coaching people to major life results, it has made itself clear again and again that a major source of suffering comes from a misjudgment of the challenge at hand, or misinterpretation of reality.

This is similar to the struggle we feel until we come to an understanding of the reality of our world and of ourselves.

We are Spiritual Beings living in a Spiritual World.

If you are reading this now, you are uniquely positioned to step up as a new brand of leader that at this time the world so desperately needs. 

You, and those like you, have no doubt sensed the awakening of the Spirit in the recent month and years.

It has come into your life in the form of a vision, download or dream. You may instinctively know that this is your fight. You may have had an inclination to seek out God, the Bible or spiritual communities.

Make no mistake, this is no accident.

You are being called up, and you were made for a time such as this. And now you are being activated like many others around the world are.

More than anything I want you to know that you are not alone.

Now is a time for us, the new leaders, the Lions, to connect, and find our platform and our voice.

It is we, who I am speaking to now, for which Zayna and I created this movement. 

Because, I believe it is you among your brothers and sisters who have been called upon to protect our people and our planet.

With Love,

Calling On New Leaders
As a people, we are divided and in conflict, fighting against everything except the true cause of all this suffering, the one true enemy, the self-appointed “elites,” an evil force lurking in the shadows, hidden and out of sight. 

If we sit back, complacent and in fear, we will destroy ourselves and our planet. 

If we remain silent, we will be enslaved, like cattle to these elites, transhuman, marked and controlled like operating systems, allowing for the removal of our freedoms and the destruction of our precious connection to source.

Spiritual Warriors are the Ones who are standing in Truth and Unity. Spiritual Warriors are the Ones uniting and standing in absolute truth as one people, one mission, and one nation, under God. 

Will you stand by and let our world be destroyed?
Meet The Founders

Justin Messina

An expert in personalized performance coaching, Justin brings a systems approach to achieving 'Big Rock' results with speed. His core methodology facilitates a deep connection to one's gifts and talents that provides direction certainty and action clarity.

Kate Watter

An expert in self realization and integration coaching, Kate brings a profound listening for that which sets life on a trajectory of the miraculous. For almost a decade, Kate has combined the nuances of energetic coaching and healing with the very real world we live in, producing clarity, confidence and results that shift the way life unfolds permanently.  
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